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2 answers

How much of the Shuttle was physically realized in the simulator?

How much of the Shuttle physically existed in the simulator? Was it just the flight deck? Or were the mid-deck, lower equipment bay, and/or payload bay also included?
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Are Jool's moons' orbits stable?

The fictitious Kerbol system includes ...five planets: Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna and Jool; and two dwarf planets: Dres and Eeloo; orbit around it. Kerbol contains 99.97 % of the mass in the Kerbol ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Was a real Space Shuttle ever used as a really big simulator?

@OrganicMarble's answer to How much of the Shuttle was physically realized in the simulator? makes me wonder if Shuttle crew ever sat or stood or otherwise experienced being in an actual Space Shuttle ...
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What is the current location of Link-built Apollo Mission Simulators?

I was confused about the final disposition of, and even the number of, Apollo Mission Simulators built by Link Flight Simulation Division. This question is not about any simulator built by any other ...
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Apollo training simulator cgi requirements says that cgi was used for Apollo trainers. I just want to know the quality of this cgi. A modern computer runs at 2560 lines on ...
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