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What is actually happening in this full mission rehearsal of CAPSTONE's propulsion hardware?

NASA Ames's feature CAPSTONE’s CubeSat Prepares for Lunar Flight says CAPSTONE will use a hydrazine-fueled propulsion system during most of its three- to four- month journey to the Moon. This line of ...
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How to make diamagnetic lunar simulant that would "float" in a strong enough magnetic field? (for China's 60 cm high field simulator)

Live Science's China builds 'artificial moon' for gravity experiment says: Chinese scientists have built an "artificial moon" research facility that will enable them to simulate low-gravity ...
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NASA GMAT Hardware in the Loop testing

We are currently evaluating various Mission Analysis & Simulation tools, one of which is NASA's GMAT (2020). One of our requirements is for the tool to support HITL testing. However, i am unable ...
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