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Different Earth-centered ICRF positions in GMAT and Skyfield/Spiceypy with DE421

I compared the Earth-centered positions from the Moon in the ICRF (i.e., in GCRF) using three different sources: SpiceyPy ( Skyfield (
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How to get lunar L, B, C parameters from the Moon's 3x3 rotation matrix from the Python package Skyfield?

Answers to What are the “Moon L, B, C” angles shown in this solar eclipse simulation? explain that L and B (or "l" and "b") are the "selenographic coordinates of the Moon's apparent center" (latitude ...
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How to calculate a satellite LTAN on the basis of Cartesian coordinates in GCRS frame?

I have calculated the Cartesian coordinates of a satellite in GCRS frame using Skyfield package in python. Propagating the sun-synchronius orbit, I want to analyse the change in its LTAN. How could I ...
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How to calculate the phase angle between satellite and sun with the use of skyfield

With the discussion that took place on answer(s) to How to calculate cone angle between two satellites given their look angles? I would like to ask if my proposal solving that question works like ...
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How to satellite-to-site range given site coordinates and satellite ephemeris?

How can I calculate the distance of a position on earth to a satellite (for example a GPS satellite)? The satellites position is exactly known by its ephemeris data. In a related question I've asked ...
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Calculating Which Satellite Passes are Visible - Need help

I am a beginner Python programmer. I am trying to get the code in the article "Calculating which satellites are visible" to function without success. My plan is to identify satellites that ...
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How to convert Geocentric Coordinates to ECEF using Skyfield?

I'm trying to obtain ECEF coordinates from geocentric coordinates and then plot the ground track using the subpoint function. Any advice? My objective is to create an accurate ground track. Additional ...
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satellite ground track in skyfield

I'm trying to get the geographic location (longitude & latitude of a satellite) converted from the position in space for example: position = (7033.45648791, 178.93192295, 0.00290722) Km. longitude ...
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calculating satellite position and velocity from TLE

I'm trying to calculate satellite orbit from the TLE set at first, I used several libraries including SGP4, Skyfiled to get the initial position and velocity of the satellite at the epoch time I know ...
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TLE Need help in understanding the position vector

I tried to take a TLE of an elliptical orbit and tried to calculate the position of the satellite for the next 16 hours. I understood that the position is an (x,y,z) vector which I can get in a ...
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