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Questions tagged [software-defined-radio]

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a technology that uses software to de/encode and modulate electromagnetic transmissions. The hardware is generally kept versatile, able to transmit or receive on a wide range of frequencies. SDR is commonly used for research purposes and for the development / testing of new network protocols that do not have specific hardware yet.

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Extract GPS navigation messages from a RINEX navigation file

As a hobby project, I want to implement methods from the "GPS Software Attack" paper, which involves modifying GPS navigation messages. With this goal in mind, I am looking for: Examples of ...
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Is GNU Radio being used for any Deep Space Missions in development?

GNU Radio is an open source collection of code and tools to build various radio elements for a "Software Defined Radio" or a radio implemented with the help of an FPGA that is programmed to ...
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Is it allowed to interact with research satelites / rovers using the radio?

Let's say I have a SDR (software defined radio) like the HackRF One at home, access to a huge amplifier circuit and a giant antenna (at my university). Is there a law that prohibits receiving / ...
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What body of regulations (if any) would apply to a cubesat with an SDR on board?

For example: the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ is a USB Software Defined Radio receiver, or SDR. It provides a digitized 192kHz wide chunk of IF (intermediate frequency) via high speed USB interface. Generally ...
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