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Strange swirls on the latest image from SOHO

Earlier today, I was looking at the latest image from SOHO and noticed some odd swirly lines at the bottom left of the image. They no longer appear on the site, but I saved the image before they were ...
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Why would a Deep Space Network antenna send up a carrier signal without any data?

Why would a Deep Space Network antenna send up a carrier signal to SOHO without any data? Source: . Is that some calibration process?
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How (the heck) does SOHO's SWAN camera image the entire 4π sr celestial sphere?

Comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN) discussed in Astronomy SE: How is Comet SWAN C/2020 F8 doing? Will it become easily visible by eye? Why is SWAN dimming? was discovered by humans but using the SWAN camera on ...
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How should I understand these phrases in this paper on orbit transfers?

I am studying this article on orbital mechanics and can't understand the meaning of some terms related to mathematics (perhaps because my native language doesn't have such terms). I created the same ...
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What do terms of NASA's event list of SOHO mission mean?

In the SOHO mission Event List SOHO Event List there are a few terms I am hoping to understand. I assume MCC1 X-1 Burn refers to a mid-course correction. What does the number 1 and X-1 mean? For ...
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Is this what station keeping maneuvers look like, or just glitches in data? (SOHO via Horizons)

I've been enjoying the JPL Horizons web interface and after I discovered the incredibly extensive database associated with SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, also see ...
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Need help getting the true ICRF coordinates of SOHO using Horizons

In this answer I calculated the approximate angular separation between Mercury and the Sun as seen by the SOHO satellite using Skyfield's method of ...
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