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How efficient was Telstar's solar cell configuration, compared to a flat panel?

Telstar was a series of communication satellites first launched in 1962. The body of the satellite is roughly spherical, with much of the outer surface covered in solar cells. This gives the ...
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What fraction of the Kapton thickness on the ISS' solar panels was likely eroded throughout their lifetime? Predictions? Measurements?

Background @Tristan's answer to How are the silicon PV cells constructed in the ISS's solar panels? Are they as flexible as they appear here? informs us that Kapton is part of the "blanket" ...
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Why does Falcon 9 launch with Crew Dragon solar panels facing down?

I noticed in video of the first crewed mission in August that Falcon 9 pitches down with the Dragon solar panels facing down. I'd been expecting the solar panels to be facing up, because sun. Does ...
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Exporting the data about angles from STK

I recently started learning how to use STK, I was wondering how I would export data for the angles of the solar panels into something like a spreadsheet. I can easily do this with values like ...
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