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Refers to questions concerning the solar system containing Earth. For other solar systems, use the 'planetary-system' tag.

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Any algorithmic models of our solar system to predict positions relative to earth?

I'm looking for a map/model of the movements of our solar system and associated moons. What are the 'best' algorythmic models to represent our solar system. Looking to write a game/edutainment app ...
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Did Rosetta improve on models of non-gravitational effects on comet 67P's orbit?

Question: Since the presence of the Rosetta spacecraft near comet 67P allowed for a detailed mass measurement, extremely precise position and velocity determinations, and physcal measurement and ...
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Variation in Earth's aphelion and perihelion

I see from that Earth's aphelion and perihelion each vary by a little over 29,000 km, while the earth-moon barycenter wobble is about 4,000 km. Is correct? Are Jupiter ...
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How to get the coordinates from NASA JPL Ephemerides DE430 ( ECRS) to ECI?

I'm trying to make a software that determines the orbit of a satellite which is affected by the Sun and Moon. The coordinates [x y z] that I have for the satellite are in Eci. For the position of the ...
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How does the recent discovery of "microbes living 2,400m beneath the seabed off Japan" impact the search for life in our solar system?

A recent BBC news article reports on finding microbes living 2,400m beneath the seabed off Japan The team found that microbes, despite having no light, no oxygen, barely any water and very limited ...
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moon's true anomaly at date of new moon

I've seen on this site: a table that gives the true anomaly of the moon at the time of new moon. The difference between the true anomaly at one new ...
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