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method of launching an object into space using a large gun- or cannonlike structure

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What technological hurdles prevent the development of a space gun?

Ever since Jules Verne wrote "From the Earth to the Moon" space guns have long been proposed as a method of launching objects into space. And for non-human, non-fragile payloads they make sense as the ...
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Could we send a projectile to the Moon with a cannon?

In Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon, the main characters set out to send a cannonball to the Moon with a massive cannon. The cannonball is then changed for a shell to take on passengers. ...
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Is there any research going on launching into orbit with "space guns"? Why (not)?

Many have said that rocket launches are an outdated and inefficient technology and have predicted that other technologies will take over, yet to date, it's still the only thing we have to launch into ...
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Can a booster be designed to withstand 10,000 Gs?

In Could any existing gun reach the Karman Line?, Richard Graf's Kickstarter campaign for his Starfire space-gun is referenced & discussed. Setting aside my native skepticism for a project with ...
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Feasibility of a small mass driver?

When talking about non-rocket space launch, (specifically, launching things from earth into space) one idea that comes up often- and then gets quickly dismissed- is the idea of a Mass Driver- a rail ...
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If I were to make an orbit-capable space gun, what legal issues could I expect to encounter?

Sorry if this is a little broad and hypothetical or too legal. Say I (as a company) (hypothetically) was to build a space gun, reasonably similar to the 7-incher here in Canada, but with a second ...
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Minimum Delta V to a staging area in cislunar space for a vertical space gun

Space guns have a lot of confounding factors for getting to LEO. The projectile must be a rocket capable of large delta v in order to circularize the orbit. Then, giving more sideways velocity ...
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3 answers

A Philae Lander (like) anchoring harpoons on M-Type (metallic) asteroid. Can a nail gun and the effect of Cold Welding be a working solution?

Everyone knows what happened to Philae lander (Rosetta mission). It is hard to predict the reliability of anchoring points before we know surface conditions on the asteroid. On the other hand, it is ...
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Could any existing gun reach the Karman Line?

There's a running Kickstarter to build a HARP-like gun that is multi-chambered and can fire a payload into "space". I don't see where this person's criteria for space is, except for the fact that it'...
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What kind of "jet engine-like propulsion" does HyperSciences use to accelerate projectiles to sub-orbital altitudes?

The Teslarati article For HyperSciences, geothermal energy builds a path to space describes the use of technology which has been applied to drilling to launching projectiles to sub-orbital altitudes ...
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Why did HARP make projectiles in the rocket shape?

HARP fired projectiles from a gun into suborbital trajectories. This type of projectile carried a scientific payload, but did not have any reaction engines (although later proposals did). Their ...
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Can I push the atmosphere out of the way?

The problem with virtually all methods of giving a launch vehicle velocity before launch is the atmosphere. The higher the velocity, the worse the drag. In the comments to a recent question, someone ...
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Benefits of hydrogen cannon for first stage launch at sea level or 20,000 feet

I found three videos (2009 Google Tech Talk, 2011 International Mars Society Convention, 2011 Quicklaunch Inc.) from Dr. John Hunter about using a hydrogen gas cannon to launch payloads into space (or ...
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More feasible geometries for counter rotating variable pitch mechanical launch system?

Included as a source in recent answers was this paper which while focusing on a tethered ring design best described as ambitious included maths for a mostly mechanical space gun system starting on ...
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Could a sounding rocket or a space gun payload at apogee be put into orbit with a rocket impulse from there?

Consider a sounding rocket that launches its payload to several hundreds of kilometers of altitude, straight up. Imagine that this payload at apogee then points itself accurately and has a propulsion ...
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Why aren't rockets launched by a ground explosion through a gun barrel? [duplicate]

I'm watching this clip of a Russian anti-sat or anti-ICBM rocket launched from a silo and of course note that its early acceleration is much higher than for large spacecraft launchers. Why isn't cargo ...
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What force would it take to launch a 100kg projectile into orbit from a big cannon?

What force would it take to launch a 100kg projectile into orbit from a big cannon? And what would be the optimum angle of the barrel of the cannon? I'm working on an animation and it's going to ...
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