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method of launching an object into space using a large gun- or cannonlike structure

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What technological hurdles prevent the development of a space gun?

Ever since Jules Verne wrote "From the Earth to the Moon" space guns have long been proposed as a method of launching objects into space. And for non-human, non-fragile payloads they make sense as the ...
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Is there any research going on launching into orbit with "space guns"? Why (not)?

Many have said that rocket launches are an outdated and inefficient technology and have predicted that other technologies will take over, yet to date, it's still the only thing we have to launch into ...
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Could any existing gun reach the Karman Line?

There's a running Kickstarter to build a HARP-like gun that is multi-chambered and can fire a payload into "space". I don't see where this person's criteria for space is, except for the fact that it'...
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Can a booster be designed to withstand 10,000 Gs?

In Could any existing gun reach the Karman Line?, Richard Graf's Kickstarter campaign for his Starfire space-gun is referenced & discussed. Setting aside my native skepticism for a project with ...
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Minimum Delta V to a staging area in cislunar space for a vertical space gun

Space guns have a lot of confounding factors for getting to LEO. The projectile must be a rocket capable of large delta v in order to circularize the orbit. Then, giving more sideways velocity ...
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