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22 votes
4 answers

How do space probes find their way and how much fuel do they use to travel?

How do space probes find their way, for example, to explore dangerous planets like Jupiter or Saturn that have powerful magnetic fields? Do scientists control it from stations in NASA or they have a ...
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Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) - from what distance could a flashlight be detected by a space-based telescope

Flight laser transmitter - for Psyche mission has Mass 29 kg (100 W). It also requires pointing up to 3 degrees of the Sun (towards the receiver telescope). My question is about really small probes (...
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9 votes
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Is the 1970's Viking Orbiter due to contaminate Mars?

From Wiki: The Viking program ended on May 21, 1983. To prevent an imminent impact with Mars the orbit of Viking 1 orbiter was raised on August 7, 1980 before it was shut down 10 days later. Impact ...
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Cubesat, smallsat, or probe 'auteurs' - do any exist?

Most cubesats, other smallsats, and small probes are designed, funded, and launched by small teams (often associated with education/research institutions) at the smallest. By "auteur", I mean a ...
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How can the download speed increase from space probes? [duplicate]

It always seems to be a genuine question that is How can we download data from far away probes in instant. When New Horizons reached Ultima Thule, it took us quite a few months to have a great picture ...
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Do/could we have a mission ready to go for unexpected extrasolar objects?

I was just learning about 2i/Borosov, which I guess was discovered in August but I only learned of it now. And I thought, if there were any comet we'd want to send a probe to, that would be the one, ...
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2 answers

What will happen to space machines if Earth is destroyed?

What will happen to rovers, satellites, and probes if Earth is destroyed? What will their behaviour be like? How long will they keep functioning? Do they have any programmed actions to take in case of ...
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2 answers

Is there any record of planetary movement, relative to us?

I was discussing with some friends in addressing every possibilities of geocentric model of universe using experimental evidence rather than eyesight. But then one guy (in geocentricist-side) asked, ...
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31 votes
4 answers

Why doesn't NASA send Voyagers anymore?

It's been more than 40 years since NASA launched Voyager 1 & Voyager 2. With more advanced technology, wouldn't it now be a good time to continue sending more sophisticated Voyagers out there? ...
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What bitrates are currently achievable for communication with interplanetary space probes?

In communication with interplanetary space probes, it is clear that one has to take the delay caused by speed of light into account. Besides that, what are current limits for the data upload and ...
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