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How did the UK "intentionally self-nuke its space exploration capabilities in the 1970s"?

I have it on good authority that The UK intentionally self-nuked its space exploration capabilities in the 1970s, and has only recently starting to recover from this self-inflicted damage. Question: ...
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Where can I find list of deep space probes launched but yet to land on celestial bodies etc?

How can I find list of all deep space probes that have launched, but not yet landed on any celestial bodies?
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Is there an European Space Agency's innovative advanced concept program? (a NIAC equivalent?)

I would like to know if there's an equivalent to NASA's NIAC at ESA. If that's the case, I would like to know if I can read some of these concept studies and what stages of approval they need.
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What is the Austrian Space Forum doing in Oman?

I was looking through CNN's clickbait photo compilation Instant vacation: The world's best travel photos of 2018 and came upon the following image and caption. What is the Austrian Space Forum, and ...
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Was the shuttle program a success? [closed]

The American space shuttle program was, from what I understand, a radically different approach to space exploration at the time of its inception. With the enormous changes in technology and knowledge ...
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Is UTC used by all nations for their space programs?

On the ISS, the timezone used is UTC. Thus it is reasonnable to assume that all nations implied in the ISS program use UTC for all their space programs to ease ground crew's work while they may work ...
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Statistic on cancelled space projects

Do you know of any reliable statistics on the successrate of (aero)space project development? How many projects suffer major delay and/or significant over budgets? How many projects get cancelled ...
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Excluding Russia, has Europe launched a single satellite or spacecraft into Earth's orbit and beyond from its own continent?

I was going through the list of European rocket launch sites on Wikipedia, and I can't find a single reference for an orbited satellite launched from any of them. Honestly, I wasn't even aware of most ...
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Which launch sites were considered for Ariane 6?

I often see it mentioned that the selection of the launch site for Ariane 6 was one of the preliminary requirements that froze its final design. That does make sense, especially since there was some ...
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Does India have plans to explore Mars after Mangalyaan?

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is launching a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) this Tuesday (5 Nov 2013) from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota, India, flying on the PSLV-C25 ...
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What made NASA shut down the Shuttle program?

Recently NASA shut down its Space Shuttle program. Between the first launch on April 12, 1981, and the final landing on July 21, 2011, NASA's space shuttle fleet --Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, ...
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How much total mass has humankind utilized to launch (successfully & unsuccessfully) all the worlds satellites, probes, and manned missions? [closed]

This question asks how much mass has been launched into Space. I would like to know how much mass was required to launch that mass into Space. What is the ratio between mass launched and the resources ...
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