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Why does SpaceIL's Beresheet landing graphics show m\s instead of m/s?

I just noticed that the software displayed in the video of the landing had the velocity and acceleration units with a backslash (m\s) instead of the usual convention of a forward slash (m/s). Out of ...
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Do we know why communications with Beresheet and NASA were lost during the attempted landing of the Moon lander?

I was watching the livestream of the SpaceIL team when they were attempting to land Beresheet on the Moon. As near as I can remember, at around an altitude of 15km above the surface, the SpaceIL ...
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Why don't SpaceIL's Beresheet spacecraft and Moon orbits line up?

The question Tracking SpaceIL Beresheet Moon lander links to some data files that are from the site: (also linked here): Raw data:
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Tracking SpaceIL Beresheet Moon lander

Does anybody know if Beresheet orbital data are available on NASA Horizons? Some bodies are listed by reference number, with no name:
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