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What is the right way to get Mars' sol?

Among the following two methods what is the right way to get the Mars sol date? Using this equation from Timekpeeing on Mars Wikipedia page MSD = (Julian Date using International Atomic Time - ...
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Time in Space (1 year in space, 7 years on earth?) [closed]

I heard that in certain parts in space, time will move faster than on earth. So they say 1 hour is 7 years on Earth. So what I would like to ask is if you have 1 hour in space, would you age the same ...
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How are Experienced and Observed Mission Elapsed Times defined? (EMET & OMET)

To the question titled What timezone would be used for interstellar travel? this currently unsourced answer currently says in toto: I suspect any interstellar travel will have relativistic effects (...
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Unix Epoch in International Space Station

The International Space Station is in a different gravitational field than us on the Earth's surface. Almost all computers / protocols depend on the Unix epoch being consistent everywhere. The Unix ...
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Why would light take time to reach distance if space and time are relative? [closed]

I've read that according to speacial theory of relativity, the time slows down for moving object. If we think light itself as moving object the time is zero for that. Also the theory says the space ...
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Time when traveling around the speed of light [closed]

I heard that if you travel at the speed of light or faster (say, to the Kelper systems ) and come back, thousands of years may have passed but you haven't experienced more than a few. How is this ...
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Beating Time Dilation With Time Dilation? [closed]

I want to know if this is possible and any limitations it has. Time Dilation is an arse to say the least. It is one the things that ought to stop humankind from ascending to sci-fi badassness and I ...
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How can we transmit a date to another species?

I thought about this the other day. We often send messages to outer space hoping that someone picks them up. How could you explain to aliens that we sent this satellite about 13.8 billion years after ...
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Could the use of exotic matter be removed from Alcubierre Drives?

Im wondering if it is possible to create an Alcubierre Drive without any exotic matter. To clarify: What if you take normal flat space-time and you lower a section of it to far below the standard. ...
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Do the Voyager probes experience time moving faster due to relativity?

Time goes faster the weaker the gravitational field you are in as long as your velocity is constant. The Voyager probes have moved a long way from the sun and its planets so I presume time must be ...
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Can the Oberth effect cause space-time distortions?

I am making the sort of rhetorical parallel between Oberth effect that I conclude applies even to light because light is actually solid of some sort photons or gravity well of Earth/Sun/galaxy, black ...
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Time dilation between Earth and a similar planet revolving around a supermassive Black hole [closed]

I was thrilled watching 'Interstellar'. It was only much later that I came to realize certain anomalies in the movie (like the scene in which McConaughey approaches the Gorgantua — his body ...
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What would happen to perceived time in this scenario?

This is difficult for me to explain, but hopefully I can get my question across... Let's say there is a planet called Planet X one million light years from Earth (there probably is). Let's also say ...
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