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Questions regarding SpaceX's Starship, formerly the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) upper stage or BFS

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Capacity of the BFR tanker -- how many flights to fully refuel the spaceship?

So, the current plan for the BFR has the spaceship massing 85 tons and carrying 50 tons of cargo plus around 1000 tons of fuel and oxidiser (according to wikipedia), most of which is presumably ...
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How will BFS maneuver during aerobraking?

Pictures of SpaceX's "Big Falcon Spaceship" (BFS) delta wing don't seem to show presence of any aerodynamic control surfaces. How will it's attitude be controlled when encountering the atmosphere? To ...
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Range of BFR as single stage

The depictions of the BFR for earth to earth travel include the 1st stage booster. I would think if you are just going ballistic, the upper stage would have enough delta V to go it alone, for closer ...
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How long can it be reasonably expected to wait for the first flight of SpaceX's BFR? [closed]

Elon Musk has said that he's planning to launch two uncrewed BFR rockets to Mars by 2022. And of course there would be some test launches even before that. For such an enormous project, I don't see ...
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What kind of robots will be sent to Mars with the first Starships(s)? (ex BFR) [closed]

Elon Musk has recently announced plans to send two unmanned Starships to Mars in 2022. If the timeline is met, what robots will be sent? As I understand, the tasks will be [...] landing two cargo ...
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Zero gee rice cooker for BFR's trip around the Moon; how would that work?

Because of where I'm currently living, I've gotten used to using a small rice cooker regularly. @Tristan has pointed out that cooking dried rice, or dried beans in boiling water could not be done in ...
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