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Questions tagged [srb]

Questions regarding the solid rocket boosters used to propel spacecraft, often during launch.

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What makes exhaust from aluminum-based SRB propellant so bright?

The brightness and color of the extremely bright light produced by the Space Shuttle SRB's is discussed in this answer and in comments below it, though the main subject there is the dim blue light ...
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Why were the SRBs rolled out of the VAB without the rest of the Shuttle stack?

This answer shows the following photo of two Shuttle solid rocket boosters, mounted on the mobile launch platform without the external tank or orbiter, and driven outside the Vehicle Assembly Building....
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Why were there painted black rings on the SRBs?

There were black rings on the STS-1 SRBs. There were even more on later flights. But there was a period without them at all. Why?
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What's the story behind the GEM-63 delay?

The Wikipedia page on the GEM-63 says that the Atlas V will start using it "in July 2019." But the Atlas V page says that the switch from the AJ-60A will happen "in the near future." That the switch ...
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What is the most powerful solid rocket fuel (highest isp) and it's combustion temperature

I wanted to know what the most power full solid rocket fuel is. I do not mean theoretical once like metallic hydrogen. Are solid rocket fuel mixtures prepared in a non-ideal mixture? In other words, ...
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How does the solid rocket booster jettison system work on an Atlas V?

Is safe booster separation (they call it "jettison") without recontact assured by separation motors, pushers, or what? The Juno Mission Overview refers to "structural thrusters" but that means ...
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What would happen if one Ariane V SRB did not ignite properly? (there may be no lock-down mechanism)

The excellent answers to What are these circular spots on these Ariane V SRB nozzles? tend to indicate that unlike the IV, the Ariane V simply rests on two flat surfaces under the SRBs at launch time, ...
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In the event of SRB ignition failure, could jettison of the other “lit” SRB prevent catastrophe?

Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) are popular launch boosters, used on the Space Shuttle, Ariane 5, Atlas V and SLV. However, SRBs have a number of failure modes, most of which result in catastrophe. ...
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What is the limit to which we can scale up uniformly in all directions Space Shuttle SRB before it becomes unable to take off?

Let's say we like the Space Shuttle design so much, we want to use it as a reference for our new rocket. But we want to build rocket which will be capable of launching larger payload into Earth's ...
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