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SSME is the acronym for the Space Shuttle Main Engine. Sometimes called the RS-25, or RS-25D.

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SLS Block 2: Original thrust

In older graphics depicting the evolution of the SLS vehicle, it states that the Block 2 upgrade was to produce 11.9 million lbs of thrust. At some point in the last few years, however, this has ...
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Are there any plans on replacing the shuttle-era RS-25D's during the Artemis III/IV missions?

The last two Artemis missions which use the shuttle-era RS-25D engines will fly in 2025 and 2026. Is there ever a possibility that, in the case that Aerojet Rocketdyne delivers their RS-25Es (or at ...
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What was the maximum thrust the RS-25 was capable of producing?

The Rocketdyne RS-25, a large hydrolox engine best-known in its role as the main engines (SSMEs) of the space shuttle orbiter, was originally certified to a thrust level of 1.67 meganewtons (mN) at ...
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SSME/RS-25:; Why arent high pressure and low pressure pumps coaxial?

The Space Shuttle Main Engine low pressure pumps to prevent cavitation at the main pumps. This pumps were driven by separate turbines fed by high pressure fluid from the main pumps. Why? It just adds ...
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