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Rather than carry empty weight all the way to orbit, rockets usually use a stage system. Stages can take many forms and have over the years.

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Have any stages of rocket killed aquatic animals?

This question may seem off-topic but I am curious.Those rockets that aren't reusable let their stages fall and splash down on the ocean. Is there any news reported that they have killed some aquatic ...
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Understanding the multi-stage mass tables in Wiesel's Spaceflight Dynamics

In Wiesel's Spaceflight Dynamics, 3rd Edition (2010) Chapter 7.5 (pg 220), there is a table of mass values for Von Braun's 1951 design for a three-stage space station supply rocket. In the book, the ...
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How do different stages attach to each other?

I started learning about rockets recently, and while searching for information, I found some ways that different stages separate, but I wandered if it was possible that they could reattach to a ...
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