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GMAT: How do I prevent infinite propagation into the future, which causes the "requested epoch 95008.513478505 is not on the DE file" error?

I have a spacecraft I am trying to get from Earth to Mars. I use an Earth propagator until the SC is out of the Earth's sphere of influence, then a deep space propagator until Mars' sphere of ...
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How do I construct halo orbits around the Sun-Earth L2 point in GMAT? What should the state vector of the spacecraft be?

I am new to trajectory design, and have been using GMAT to learn it since it's free, unlike STK. I have been trying to design a script that takes a spacecraft from Earth orbit to a halo orbit around ...
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Differences between numerical propagators

I am a trainee who is working on a numeric orbital propagator developed in the company. I can't show you the code but I can tell you that the propagator was developed to work in Simulink. My job was ...
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How do cubesat owners first find out their cubesat's initial trajectory? How do they point antennas at it before official TLEs start to appear?

When cubesats are first deployed it can sometimes take several days before they start appearing in official TLE distributions, and even then if many were deployed it may take a lot more work to decide ...
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Space shuttle state propagation---constant acceleration during cycle?

The space shuttle used a state propagation algorithm to estimate the current state vector when new data weren't yet available from the navigation system (which would come at a rate of only 0.25 or 0.5 ...
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Space shuttle state propagation

Space shuttle training manuals say the GNC system obtains state information from the IMU platform at a low rate (0.25-0.5Hz) and that state propagation algorithms estimate the vehicle's state vector ...
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