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Questions regarding the process of removing bacteria and other life forms from space vehicles prior to launch.

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How are organisms allowed be engineered to terraform Mars when NASA and others go through such measures to sterlize their probes?

There seems to be talk (and even some action done by DARPA) about engineering organisms to terraform Mars, however, current space organizations like NASA clearly do not want to get anything that could ...
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How would we sterilize a probe to look for life? [duplicate]

If we were to ever send a probe to check for life then it's of paramount importance that we do not contaminate the target site with Earth organisms. And if there's anything we've learned from ...
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Does Mars One plan on taking precautions to ensure the Martian environment is not contaminated with Earth biota?

We have seen in these questions that one of the primary concerns in sending humans (or anything for that matter, but especially humans) to Mars is contamination of the Martian environment: How would ...
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Is the rigorous disinfection process prior to launch necessary?

Before a rover or other exploration vehicle is launched, it undergoes rigorous cleaning and disinfection, such as a bath in UV rays to kill off bacteria. The official reasoning on this seems to be ...
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How is equipment sterilized for space missions?

This refers to the sterilization of space exploring tools like rovers and probes. It is important to not send out rovers that contain any bacteria, because another rover, from another mission, could ...
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