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Size of sugar rocket to reach space (suborbital)

How much propellant would an ideal single stage sugar rocket with dry mass of 1 kg need to reach the altitude of 100 km in a suborbital flight when launched straight up? Let us assume the specific ...
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Why sugar is not commonly used as fuel in hybrid rocket engine?

Hybrid rocket engine usually used rubber or plastic as fuel but why not sugar? Just like many amateur solid rocket motors used sugar. What are the advantages of using rubber in hybrid engine over ...
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PID Controller for Thrust Vector Controlling of High Power Rocket [closed]

We are trying to design a Thrust Vector Control system for a High Power Rocket using PID Controller. Can anyone guide us what approach should we use to create this Controller? Rocket Details: Mass: ...
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What kind of security while using solid propellent? [closed]

I'am going to to make a propulsion test with sugar and $\mathrm{KNO}_3$ (with large quantities). What should I wear before to protect myself?
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What speed and altitude can I reach with a primitive sugar rocket? [closed]

I'm getting interested in amateur rocketry. I'm realistic about it and understand that my skills and technology currently available won't let me construct anything beyond very simple designs, with ...
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What properties define a good solid propellant for a hybrid engine? (e.g. why not use wood?)

This comment got me thinking... Pure oxygen from a tank of LOX can allow a wide variety of materials to be used as a convenient if not always optimal rocket propellant; things like parafin and sugar ...
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