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Questions tagged [sun-synchronous]

Questions about orbits utilizing nodal precession so that spacecraft are able to maintain the same local mean solar time at any given point of an orbit. The effect is achieved through choosing inclination and altitudes of the apses.

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What are the most popular sun-synchronous orbits?

There are different kinds of sun-synchronous orbits (SSO) that differ in their right ascension of the ascending node and are usually named after the local solar time at the ascending node (LTAN), e.g. ...
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Who invented the sun-synchronous orbit?

I was explaining sun-synchronous orbits to a co-worker and he asked me who invented it and when. I could not find an answer on wikipedia or a quick google search, so I thought about asking here.
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How can I find orbital parameters for a sun-synchronous orbit?

I would like to compute ephemerides for a satellite on a sun-synchronous orbit, starting with only the following parameters1: altitude or inclination; local time of the ascending or descending node; ...
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Design and optimization of a Sun-synchronous repeating ground track orbit constellation

I am currently researching about this topic and am very new to this. Have no clue how to go about designing a group of imaging satellites (constellation) that are sun synchronous with repeating ground ...
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If a sun-synchronous orbit passes over the poles twice a year, how can it have a constant (e.g. 98°) inclination?

I am sooooo confused. The answer to Are sun synchronous orbits possible for any place on Earth? ends with In short, yes, sun-synchronous orbits are possible for any location on Earth. and mentions ...
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Which Low-Earth Orbits Spend the Least Time With Access to Sunlight?

Regarding the (maybe completely absurd) possibility of powering a satellite via a ground-based laser, and perhaps (theoretically) also using that same laser to destroy any incoming projectiles or ...
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Satellite Orbit-Sun Geometry of Sun synchronous Orbit

What is the difference in satellite orbit-sun geometry of Sun synchronous orbits of 6am local time , 9 am local time , 12 pm local time ?
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Rotation Of Line Of Apsides

Why does the line of apsides rotate in the plane of the orbit ? In case of a sun synchronous orbit does it have any effect on imaging accuracy or quality?
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