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Questions tagged [super-heavy-lift-launch-vehicles]

Used when discussing super heavy lift launch vehicles (those capable of lifting more than 50 tons to a low earth orbit)

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Why was the ITS concept downscaled?

Note: if you have not heard of the Interplanetary Transport System or ITS, it was a 2016 concept for a fully reusable rocket which could deliver 300 tonnes of paylaod into low earth orbit. It didn't ...
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Why did NASA use Falcon Heavy rather than SLS to launch Europa Clipper?

The SLS will only take about three years to get to Europa, the Falcon heavy will take 5. This means that there won’t be as much science return since the spacecraft is spending more of its operational ...
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Why weren't super heavy lift launch vehicles used for deep space missions?

According to this PDF Cassini-HuygensPDF, we would need to launch 70 tons if we wanted to do a Saturn transfer orbit from a low earth orbit. It says that there are no vehicles in NASA’s stable even ...
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