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How would a hybrid motor N2O propellant tank control pressure?

Cryogenic engine prop tanks vent in order to control tank pressure. Thermal energy that (inevitably) gets conducted into a cryo tank raises the propellant enthalpy and so the pressure of the critical ...
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Loading tanks for supercritical oxygen and hydrogen on the launch pad, how to achieve low temperature and high pressure?

The Apollo and Shuttle spacecrafts used fuel cells for the production of electric energy and water. The hydrogen and oxygen for the fuel cells were stored as a supercritical fluid at a temperature ...
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Are there examples of a spacecraft designed for transitions from supercritical to liquid+gas mixtures?

The question What happens when supercritical fuel tanks deplete below critical point? suggests some possible scenarios when the pressure of a tank is in danger of dropping below the supercritical ...
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What happens when supercritical fuel tanks deplete below critical point?

Gaseous fuel/oxidiser (eg H2 / O2) is stored as a supercritical fluid so it becomes homogenous; not prone to delivering matter with fluctuating densities, which would cause major stresses in rocket ...
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Why would oxygen be stored as a super critical fluid?

Organic Marble just answered a question about Apollo 13 in terms of the storage of Oxygen, and posted some fascinating stuff, including the fact that Oxygen was stored as a super-critical fluid. I ...
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