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Does Surrey Satellite's Pathfinder lunar communications relay have customers lined up, or is it "If you build it, they will come"?

After about 24:00 in the BBC podcast Do We Need More Space Stations? BBC reporter Marnie Chesterton talks with Charles Cranston, the project manager for lunar ...
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Why a polar orbit for TWINKLE?

TWINKLE will use a 0.45 meter telescope to record spectra of stars transited by their exoplanets. By looking at tiny changes in the spectrum as the planet's atmosphere moves in front of the star, they ...
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Hovering Carbonite! Why do these satellite videos of Earth appear to be made from a geostationary location?

The BBC News article UK satellite makes HD colour movies of Earth has led me to a series of YouTube videos as well recorded by the Carbonite-2 spacecraft built by Surrey Satellite Technology to be ...
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