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Blue Origin's BE-3PM Engine: 18-100% Throttle Range, How?

Blue Origin says the BE-3PM engine in its New Shepard vehicle can throttle down to 18% max thrust. Compare to 57% for the Merlin 1D engine in stage 1 of SpaceX's Falcon 9 (and to 39% for the Merlin ...
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"Semi" hybrid rocket? Throttleable solid fuel rocket?

Are there any published examples of "hybrid" rockets that used a propellant grain of mixed solid fuel and oxidizer where the injected component was only needed to sustain the burn without ...
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Switching logic between throttle modes?

At launch, a vehicle like the space shuttle would command its throttle to do a few things: Ramp up to max throttle Hold max throttle Follow a throttle bucket as function of velocity when near max-Q ...
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