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What are the prevailing winds on a tidally locked ocean planet?

I am trying to picture the atmospheric circulation of a tidally locked planet, similar to Earth in mass and atmosphere. The rotational axis would need to be (roughly) perpendicular to the ecliptic if ...
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Was DART meant to impact dead center?

According to eyes on the solar system, Dimorphos is tidally locked to Didymos. If DART impact direction is perfectly aligned with Dimorphos center of mass, all of the momentum transfers into orbital ...
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Just how locked is Titan? Does it exhibit libration due to eccentricity? Have residual oscillations not yet damped out been detected or ruled out?

Under Where is the Selk crater on Titan with respect to Saturn? there is @BrendanLuke15's comment which provides a helpful hint: Tidally locked moons have their 0° longitude defined as the 'sub-...
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Resonant stable tidal Rocking moon

Reading about stackexchange Q&A about tidal locking and libration, I wondered about libration and tidal locking emergence. It seems to me that tidal locking process starts when orbiting body's ...
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Are all or some geostationary satellites tidally locked to the Earth?

Satellites in geostationary orbit always remain above the same location on the Earth's surface, at an altitude of 35,786 kilometres (22,236 miles) above the equator. But I wonder whether they're also ...
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Is tidal-lock associated with lack of geothermal activity?

This question mainly stems from the inconvenient datum that is Venus. I was long under the impression that liquid mantle and core of a planet was tied to the mass of the planet (except perhaps where ...
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How far would the ISS need to be to keep it's attitude with the earth from tidal forces without needing control moment gyroscopes?

I believe the ISS uses control moment gyroscopes (CMGs) to always have the same side facing the earth. How far from the earth does an object the size of the ISS need to be tidally locked with the ...
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Could the Galilean moons tidally lock Jupiter?

From my understanding, given enough time, the gravity of the Moon is gradually increasing the time it takes for Earth to rotate around its axis, and that, as a result, in the distant future, Earth ...
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Which side of Europa is which?

I understand that Europa is tidally locked* to Jupiter, so there's a Jovianmost longitude on one side and an anti-Jovian longitude on the other. What I can't figure out is which side is which. ...
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Why does the Moon only show its near side while orbiting the Earth? [closed]

When we look at the Moon in the night sky, why do we always see the same side every night?
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Planetary migration due to tidal forces

The fine U. Washington article Some potentially habitable planets began as gaseous, Neptune-like worlds mentions twice that tidal forces can induce inward planet migration. Two phenomena known to ...
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Space Elevator Between Doubly-Tidally Locked Bodies

Space elevators may be a reality only in the future, but I know we have the basic principles down pat. Something has been bugging me, though. If we had the proper materials, we could build such an ...
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Could a planet that is tidal locked to its sun be habitable to naked humans?

It is not an unknown scenario in science fiction; a sun that stays stable in the sky of a planet. Humans (or other sapient species) without space suits battling hot deserts, cold dark night sides, or ...
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