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How to set a constant density model in STK'S Astrogator

I'm trying to verify a simplifying orbit maintenance strategy obtained from one of my numerical tools using Astrogator as a propagator. My tool uses a constant density value obtained by averaging the ...
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Geo satellite - antenna gain contours to heat map in STK

I am using STK to show antenna gain contours on the ground from a transmitter on a sensor on a geo bird that is tracking a receiver on the ground. With good resolution I can create great images that ...
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Pressurized gloves have significant limitations. What are objective advantages/disadvantages of the alternatives? [closed]

Conventional EVA suits suffer from mobility and tactile sensory limitations due to their pressurization. Any articulated container which changes volume with motion will resist motion if pressurized. ...
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If you release a tool outside the ISS in space will it remain at the "same" place forever?

If an astronaut doing a repair outside the International Space Station (ISS) gently lets go of a tool into space, will it keep "flying" (orbiting) at the same spot relative to the ISS where ...
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Why can't a regular hammer be used in micro-gravity?

A comment under this question states that "A good smack of a hammer" - is not a simple thing in zero gravity. You need a special hammer with absorption of inertia. Why is this the case? ...
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