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What is the slope of the sides of Aristarchus crater on the Moon?

The question If you fell into a crater on the moon in your spacesuit and no jetpack, is there a way to use low gravity to get out of the hole? mentions Aristarchus crater as an example. It's a pretty ...
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What is the real depth of the Mojave crater on Mars?

The Mojave crater on Mars is interesting because among other things, it has alluvial fans that look remarkably similar to landforms in the Mojave desert. On the image1 above the crater has about ...
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How does one get the exact location of imaged features on the surface of Mars?

The image above is from the article "Evidence from the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera for a frozen sea close to Mars' equator". It shows 3 flooded or partially flooded craters 4.8, 2.3 ...
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How do we measure height on celestial bodies with no significant atmospheric pressure, no seas, or no surface to speak of?

On the Earth, measuring elevation above sea level is relatively easy. Throughout the years of evolving these measurements to not rely on different reference points of the Mean Sea Level (MSL) of ...
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What's the highest resolution camera orbiting Mars as of 2013?

There are many cameras currently orbiting Mars, taking pictures of rocks and sand and things. What is the highest (in the visible spectrum) sensor resolution of these? Are there higher res ones ...
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