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Questions tagged [trans-lunar-injection]

An orbital burn used to change orbit from earth orbit, to a lunar transfer orbit. Known as TLI.

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How high was the Apollo after trans-lunar injection usually?

Nowhere can I find info on how high the Apollo and the S-IVB stage were after engine cutoff following the successful TLI. The S-IVB/Apollo was in a parking orbit usually about 110 mi (180 km) above ...
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Why was the Moon's antipode at 10 degrees south on July 1969?

From what I understand, the TLI burn should be around the Moon's antipode projection on Earth. I get that. What I don't understand is why, according to this picture
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Is the author mistaken regarding this Apollo transposition and docking photo?

I came across this question, which asks about a photo with caption in this 1971 journal (google books link) of Comment: The Relevance of Space, by Arthur Kantrowitz, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ...
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Are Artemis missions launched into a free return trajectory like the Apollo program?

The Apollo program spacecrafts were put on a free return trajectory after during the TLI maneuver. Does Artemis mission also put crafts on a free return trajectory? If no, what are the redundancy ...
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What would have happened if the third stage of Saturn V had exploded during TLI? Could the CM have safely returned to earth?

What would have happened if the third stage of Saturn V had exploded during TLI? Could the CM of Apollo 11 have safely returned to earth?
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Could the Dream Chaser or Space Shuttle fly/have flown to the Moon with boosters on the orbiter's side?

In the 1998 movie Armageddon the crews use Space Shuttles which have boosters also on the orbiters' sides (two boosters per orbiter) in order to get to the Moon and to the asteroid. Upon descent onto ...
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What are the G forces leaving Earth orbit?

What were the G forces experienced by the Apollo astronauts during the translunar injection burn? Was there a lot of vibrations during the TLI burn? Is there estimates of the G forces an astronaut ...
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Why does the Apollo-8 Trans-Lunar Injection burn appear to be pulsing in this photo?

This tweet called my attention to The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum story Photographing Apollo 8's Orbit Toward the Moon. The story is quite an interesting bit of space history and worth a ...
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