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A Jupiter-sized star?

TRAPPIST-1 is described as "Jupiter-sized" (comparable radius), although at 8% of the Sun's mass, must be on the order of 100x greater (Jupiter : Sun is about 1 : 1000). This seems paradoxical and ...
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Why is TRAPPIST-1f considered habitable?

The TRAPPIST-1f is in the TRAPPIST-1 system discovered recently with seven planets. Three of them are said to be in the habitable zone. But the data says that the average temperature on the TRAPPIST-...
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What are the chances of life on 7 Earth-like exoplanets discovered by NASA? [closed]

NASA has announced the discovery of 7 Earth-like exoplanets 13 hours ago. What are the chances of life there? Is it possible to see the ground of these planets from here? How far are they?
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How come we can see nearby galaxies but are unable to see TRAPPIST-1?

How do we have telescopes that are powerful enough to see nearby galaxies, such as Andromeda (M31), but are unable to see TRAPPIST-1 or the other exoplanets in its solar system in detail when TRAPPIST-...
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