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Triton is the largest natural satellite of the planet Neptune. At 2,700 kilometres (1,700 mi) in diameter, it is the seventh-largest moon in the Solar System.

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Could a helium balloon on Mars and on Triton float at air pressures lower than it could on Earth due to the bodies' low gravities?

The highest altitude ever reached by a balloon above the Earth's surface is about 33 mi (53 km), unmanned above Japan. The 2nd-highest one reached 51.8 km above California. Both reached the lower ...
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How low would a full revolution around Titan and Triton be possible?

A lowest circular orbit to remain stable around the Earth is possible at an altitude of about 95 mi (155 km) while the lowest perigee for a stable elliptical orbit around the Earth would be around 55 ...
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4 votes
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Could a rotorcraft fly on Triton?

Mars 2020 will use a drone to fly within Mars' atmosphere. Although it's thin, Mars also has a lower surface gravity which makes airflight possible on Mars. What about Neptune's moon Triton? Triton ...
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Is there potential for Trident to visit a KBO like New Horizons did?

After its flyby of Pluto, New Horizons was also able to visit 486958 Arrokoth achieving secondary scientific goals and providing a picture of a KBO snowman. Could Trident potentially also be able to ...
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Why there is no orbiter for Uranus or Neptune?

In the 21st century, why is there is no orbiter for Uranus or Neptune or at least their moons? It would definitely tell us more about the structure and composition of these planets. I know it must ...
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