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1 vote
0 answers

Which object has been on other planet(s) or other natural bodies the most times? What if orbits count?

Following answer(s) to Which object has been to space the most times? answer, and related to Objects that have been on the Moon multiple times one. Question: Are there any object(s) that travelled to ...
6 votes
2 answers

How many time-zone does the ISS cross through during one orbit?

A recent non-answer to an unrelated question stated that the ISS crosses 16 time zones during New Year's Eve, which is obviously incorrect, the actual answer being "around 200". But this ...
61 votes
6 answers

Has alcohol ever been consumed in space?

Conversation at the bar led to space travel, and whether each of us would commit to the journey to Mars. It came up that instead of going to the bar, you would need to brew your own beer. This led to ...
40 votes
1 answer

Which object has been to space the most times?

Which particular piece of hardware has crossed the Karman line most often? By hardware I mean anything other than organisms.