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Auxiliary components to liquid and hybrid propellant rocket engines that use rotating parts to feed propellant into a combustion chamber. Includes turbines, turbopumps, electrical pumps, barrier seals, bearings, and the like.

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Why would you want a low turbine temperature in an expander bleed cycle engine?

In a paper by Sippel et al. [1] the following statement is made on page 2: "Consequently the LE-5B turbine drive gas temperature has been successfully reduced [w.r.t. the LE-5A engine]." ...
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What is advantage of independent pumps vs common pump in clustered configuration?

The images of the engine clustering in the Rocket Labs's Electron rocket gives an indication that there are independent drive pumps for individual engines; I am not sure of it. I am not aware of the ...
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At what pressure ratio did the fuel turbopumps of the F1 and J2 operate?

I would like to know the operating points of the fuel-turbo-pumps used in the Saturn rocket engine. (From what I could learn via google, the turbo pump went under the name Mark III) Is there any ...
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Does all of the fuel in a Staged Combustion Cycle go to the preburner? [duplicate]

Can anyone tell me the difference between staged combustion and full flow staged combustion? Does full flow mean there are 2 preburners (fuel- and oxidiser-rich respectively) or does it mean that ...
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What are the issues and concerns related to turbopump blade cracks and manned spaceflight?

While the WSJ headline sounds ominous: Congressional Investigators Warn of SpaceX Rocket Defects, Quartz's SpaceX needs to redesign its engine to ensure it is safe for human spaceflight seems to be a ...
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Rocket Throttle vs. Jet Throttle

One of the drawbacks of jet engines is that they suffer from turbo lag, whereby a throttle change will take some amount of time to translate to a change in thrust due to the momentum of the turbine ...
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Has any work been done on alternatives to rolling element bearings in rocket turbopumps?

Specifically: Using some high pressure gas (before or after combustion) as a fluid bearing. A superconducting maglev bearing, possibly using fuel as coolant. Any related work is also welcome.
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