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Questions tagged [turbopump]

Questions regarding the powerful turbine-driven pumps used to force propellant into larger chemical rocket engines under pressure.

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4 answers

Performance of a pumpless liquid rocket engine

Basically all rockets that I know of have a pump feeding fuel and oxidiser into the combustion chamber. The turbopump is one of the most complicated and expensive components of the entire rocket. If a ...
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Why do pump and pressure fed liquid engines need to operate at high pressures?

There is apparently some confusion as to why pump or pressure fed liquid rocket engines need to operate at high pressure to product significant thrust, based on the comments to this question about ...
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How does the propellant flow during descent on SpaceX's Falcon 9 first stage?

Could someone explain to me how, during the descent, the pumps pull the oxidizer and propellant? I could be wrong, but during the burn the propellant should move inside an almost empty tank.
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4 votes
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How much of the exhaust speed is due to combustion and how much is due to the injection?

The thrust $F$ of a rocket engine is given by $$F=\dot{m}v$$ where $\dot{m}$ is the mass flow and $v$ is the exhaust speed. Now the first factor, $\dot{m}$, is almost entirely due to the turbo pumps (...
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7 votes
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What are the issues and concerns related to turbopump blade cracks and manned spaceflight?

While the WSJ headline sounds ominous: Congressional Investigators Warn of SpaceX Rocket Defects, Quartz's SpaceX needs to redesign its engine to ensure it is safe for human spaceflight seems to be a ...
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At what pressure ratio did the fuel turbopumps of the F1 and J2 operate?

I would like to know the operating points of the fuel-turbo-pumps used in the Saturn rocket engine. (From what I could learn via google, the turbo pump went under the name Mark III) Is there any ...
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Would rotating detonation rocket engines always require high pressure fuel pumps? [duplicate]

The question Performance of a pumpless liquid rocket engine is thoughtful and provocative and pretty much all answers include a mention of the extremely high pressure necessary to push propellants ...
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