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Why did the data "go wild" when Ulysses entered Hyakutake's tail?

The following statement is from @OrganicMarble's answer to this question "How hard is it to fly through the tail of a comet? Has it been done?": On May 1, 1996, while Ulysses was cruising ...
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Could any modern launch vehicle have put Ulysses in it's polar heliocentric without going to another planet first?

This answer to Why aren't satellites launched into a Polar LEO to get into Polar Heliocentric Orbit? leaves me wondering if it could be done today without the trip to Jupiter. Could a replica of the ...
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Why aren't satellites launched into a Polar LEO to get into Polar Heliocentric Orbit?

The Ulysses Spacecraft was sent to Jupiter to change it's orbital inclination via a gravity assist, and enter a nearly polar heliocentric orbit with an inclination of 79° in respect to the solar plane....
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Why did the Ulysses probe reach Jupiter much faster than Galileo?

Both Ulysses and Galileo were launched by the Space Shuttle and the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS). Yet Ulysses only took 16 months to reach Jupiter, while Galileo took 6 years. Is it because Galileo ...
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How exactly did Jupiter change Ulysses orbital plane from nearly ecliptic to polar?

Ulysses spacecraft trajectory is truly amazing. Utilizing gravity assist from Jupiter it was sent into polar orbit around the Sun. I can understand gravity assist concept, I can also (intuitively) ...
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After the loss of Challenger, why weren’t Galileo and Ulysses launched by Centaurs on expendable boosters?

The Centaur upper stage, the first hydrolox rocket stage ever flown and (in its highly-evolved forms) still one of the most-used, as well as one of the highest-performance (if not the highest-...
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Was the nutation problem of the Ulysses spacecraft successfully mitigated? If so, how?

I ran across this which lead me to 1, 2 and 3, links connected to the Ulysses Nutation ...
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What would the perihelion of Ulysses's orbit have been without a trajectory adjustment after its Jupiter swingby?

I'm wondering what the perihelion of the orbit of Ulysses spacecraft would have been had a trajectory adjustment after its Jupiter swingby not taken place? On Wikipedia it says "The size and shape of ...