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Questions regarding spacecraft, projects, or agencies of or relating to the United States of America.

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Russian "kerosene" versus American "RP-1"

RP-1 rocket fuel is a "highly refined form of kerosene". Most of the literature I have seen refers to Russian rockets using kerosene, versus American rockets using RP-1 (*1). Is there really such a ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Does the U.S. still manufacture technologies for its space program that would otherwise be obsolete?

Are there technologies (materials, components, systems, or software) that continue to be manufactured in the United States for space applications, even though they would otherwise be considered ...
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6 votes
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Can I obtain the audio of president Eisenhowers message coming to me from a satellite circling in outer space?

I remember hearing a recording of this speech some time ago. However searching for it again has been difficult, which led me to believe that I probably heard a recreation from someone else. In this qz....
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Buddy Secondary Life Support System (BSLSS) on American suits

Is the Buddy Secondary Life Support System (BSLSS) available in today's American-made spacesuits used on the International Space Station? The BSLSS enables one astronaut to provide life support (...
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Why do Astro/Cosmonauts refer to things as Russian or American?

I'm watching CSA videos, and have watched numerous documentaries before, and have noticed that both Astronauts and Cosmonauts alike aboard the ISS tend to refer to something as either Russian, or ...
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Have Mercury/Gemini/Apollo produced any unmanned descendants?

It is well known that Russian manned spacecrafts gave birth to multiple unmanned satellite projects (such as Bion spacecrafts, for example). Have Mercury/Gemini/Apollo spacecrafts or their direct ...
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