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The German V2 rocket was a ballistic missile, built by the Nazis during World War II. Use for questions related to the rocket itself, and not its military uses.

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Can a pressure increase in the jet flame affect the pressure in the combustion chamber?

In the recent "Turbopump Part 2" video of the (amazing!) series on the A4/V2 rocket by Astronomy and Nature TV, Richard references a study "Report No. 708, Optical Studies of the Jet ...
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How much delta V did the V2 have?

The V2 rocket was the first to cross the Karman line. To pass it you need at least 1.4 km\s. How much delta V did the V2 rocket have?
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Why was the V-2 engine so successful?

The engine which powered the A-4/V-2 was brought back to the US as part of (I believe) Operation Paperclip, along with a couple of affiliated Nazis. The USSR effected a similar result with Operation ...
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How much would it cost to build Megaroc?

Megaroc was an idea of a modified V2 rocket by the British Interplanetary society to launch a human into space. If it were built there could have been a human in space in 1948/1949. The reason it was ...
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