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Questions regarding the van Allen radiation belts around the Earth.

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Is the ISS in danger of the outer radiation belt?

Is the ISS in danger of the outer radiation belt? I know that the ISS is in the low earth orbit and that it briefly passes through the base of the outer RB, but it is actually in danger? How does the ...
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Did Sputnik 2 signals received in Australia eventually confirm the Van Allen belts?

According to Wikipedia, there was a missed opportunity to discover the Van Allen radiation belts during Sputnik 2: In Australia, Professor Harry Messel intercepted the signals. Other stations in ...
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Can an electrostatic shield provide protection from the Van Allen belt?

Would an electrostatic shield provide enough protection for a crewed space craft to survive in the Van Allen belt for more then an hour?
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Measuring properties of Van Allen radiation belts

How are the properties of the Van Allen radiation belts measured or monitored? Below is the link of my question, that leads me to asking this one. One method is mentioned there but there may be others....
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