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Used for question about the ESA Vega rocket

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Is it common and good engineering for a pair of cables to be easily plugged into each other's connectors in modern spacecraft

Space News's Human error blamed for Vega launch failure Analysis of the telemetry from the mission, along with data from the production of the vehicle, led them to conclude that cables to two thrust ...
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What does the connector supports on the payload adapter do?

Good day, I am currently doing a project for university in which I have to redesign the connector support for the Payload Adapter (PLA 1194 VG) for the Vega(picture shown). I would like some ...
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What are the bumps on the Vega rocket

In the image below, we see some bumps at the conical section of what I believe is the transition from the first to the second stage. What function do they serve? Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
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