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Questions tagged [vehicle-assembly-building]

Question regarding the Vehicle Assembly Building located at the Kennedy Space Center. This building is used for the vertical assembly of space vehicles prior to transport to the launch pad.

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1 answer

How did Space Shuttles get off the NASA Crawler?

The crawler is what transports Shuttles and rockets from the rocket assembly building to launch pad. When the crawler reaches the launch pad, how is the Shuttle transferred from the crawler to the pad?...
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How does SpaceX plan to utilize the (currently empty) high bay 2 in the VAB?

Elon Musk mentioned previously that SpaceX is in talks with NASA to utilize High Bay 2 in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center, presumably for Starship operations, how would this be ...
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24 votes
2 answers

When Artemis runs out of rollbacks

On 2022 Sep 26, Artemis I was moved from its launchpad back to its "garage" to shelter from a hurricane. It was reported that NASA managers have said the system is rated for two more ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Was the Saturn V assembly carried out on the crawler-transporter or on the VAB's ground floor?

Were the Saturn V(s) assembled in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), on the Crawler transporter or were they assembled on the ground and then kept over the transporter to be taken to the launch pad? ...
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What is that yellow fixture that the launch vehicle is resting on?

What is that fixture called as? I think it is used to support the launch vehicle during integration. Please correct if wrong. source - here's ...
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5 votes
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New Glenn Rocket Assembly: Horizontal or Vertical?

Saturn V was assembled vertically. Falcon 9 is assembled horizontally. Curious if New Glenn will follow Saturn V or Falcon 9 in its assembly approach. Falcon's crawler erector would seem a bigger ...
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8 votes
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What did NASA Vehicle Assembly Building's "weather" look like? Did it really have clouds? Did it rain?

Comments below this answer to Would there be snow, rain, fog or clouds in a deep, sealed, subsurface cavern on the Moon if water were present? point out that the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building ...
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11 votes
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Why did the Vertical/Vehicle Assembly Building have four doors?

On this satellite image (credit: Google Maps) it is clear that only 3 out of four bays were ever used, since the 4th is not even connected to the crawlerway: (Yes, I made the screenshot deliberately ...
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