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Questions regarding the fastener known as Velcro, modeled after burrs sticking to a dog's fur.

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Nose-scratching Velcro in spacesuits: hook side or loop side?

This answer states One of the more innovative uses of Velcro included putting a patch into EVA suits to assist in scratching the astronaut's nose. Considering that Velcro has two different ...
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How was the flammability of Velcro addressed after the Apollo 1 fire?

In a spacecraft review meeting held with Shea on August 19, 1966 (a week before delivery [of Apollo 1]), the crew expressed concern about the amount of flammable material (mainly nylon netting and ...
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What was the preferred method of holding things down in Apollo?

The Apollo space capsules had a ton of velocity changes - from liftoff, to separations, to reentry to splashdown, there were a lot of sporadic movements. The capsules also needed to carry things that ...
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