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Questions tagged [velocity]

Questions about the distance objects or gases cover in a fixed amount of time while traveling in space, being launched or descending. Also for questions about speed-comparisons.

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Ingenuity Three Axis Velocity Derivation from Camera, Gyro and Altimeter

It seems that Ingenuity has a 4000 pixel camera, a gyro, inclinometer and an altimeter. Using these information, they are able to derive three axis velocity information. Thereby compensating for the ...
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Solar system galactic velocity vector relative to ecliptic plane

The Solar system moves through the Milky Way galaxy with velocity of 230 km/s. The ecliptic plane is located ~60 degrees with relation to the galaxy plane, according to this source. The page also ...
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Fastest Manmade Object

I remember reading somewhere that during the cold war, a nuclear weapon was placed underground with a manhole cover on-top and then detonated. I'm pretty sure the manhole cover then went orbital ...
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Exact speed/distance of JWST (& others in L1/L2 halo) from Earth; is it measured any differently than for more distant deep-space missions?

How is the exact speed and distance from Earth of the JWST or any spacecraft in a Sun-Earth L1/L2 halo orbit determined? While deep space missions require ranging at hundreds of millions of kilometers ...
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Getting the Velocity Vector in an Elliptical Orbit

I have a 2-D two body set up. I am using the vis-viva equation to get the velocity scalar of my elliptical orbit. I have the Semi-Major Axis, the radius, the eccentricity vector. I am sure I can ...
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How to correctly change velocity in space?

The solver of the Lambert's problem gives me a hyperbolic velocity to move to some position on orbit. But the spacecraft is moving on orbit and changing the velocity takes some time. So, when I ...
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