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Venera was a series of space probe missions the Soviet Union sent to Venus.

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With and without refilling at LEO, how much more than the landers weight of the Venera 9 mission could a Starship deliver near a pole of Venus?

Venera 9 was a Soviet space mission to Venus that consisted of an orbiter and lander with a launch mass of 4936 kg and with an entry mass of 1560 kg. It was the first spacecraft to return an image ...
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Venera 13/14 Design specifications

Does anyone know where I could find design specifications, plan sets, or other documentation for the Venera 13 or Venera 14 spacecraft? These are Soviet spacecrafts from the 1980s. I suppose if ...
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How did the Venera Probes manage to safely descend to the surface of Venus?

I have a two part question in reference to the answers provided for the linked question below: Why did the Venera missions land so close together? The answer stated: ”Not only did they land near local ...
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Parachute material used for the Venera probes to survive 500 °C

The Venera landers of the former Soviet Union were quite successful on the very hot surface of Venus. Which material was used for the parachutes to survive 500 °C? What about cotton wool? Yes this ...
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Thrust value for space mission from Earth's orbit to Venus' orbit

If I had to take a spacecraft from Earth's orbit (400km above earth) to an orbit around Venus (6151km X 50,000km elliptical orbit), how much thrust will I need. Delta V is 5km/s using hohmann transfer?...
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What are the teeth on the edge of Venera 13 and 14?

From top to bottom, Venera 9, 10, 13A, 13B, 14A and 14B. Venera 13 and 14 have some kind of teeth on the edge of the lander. What purpose do these serve? Why didn't Venera 9 and 10 have them?
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How far can you see on the surface of Venus?

As from the images by Venera probes, it seems to me that on Venus you can't see as far as on Earth, e.g. you can't see the horizon, because it's so misty there. Venera 9 and 10 shots.Venera 14 shot. ...
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Are Zond 2 and Venera 4 basically the same spacecraft design? What were the differences?

The question Which deep space spacecraft had main dish antennas that were perforated or made from mesh? shows some images of Venera 4, and there's one below. This answer to When did ion propulsion ...
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Piece of debris in Venera 13 surface photos

(Source: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum) In the Venera 13 Surface photo there is a piece of debris visible (the big thing slightly left of center). It looks like a sort cover, but maybe ...
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How were Venera's variometers able to measure extremely weak, nano-Tesla magnetic fields?

The image below is from the really interesting page Inventing The Interplanetary Probe (linked by @A.Rumlin here). Above the fluxgate magnetometer there is a pair of short tubes labeled "...
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How was the radius of Venus measured so accurately (± 3 km) via radar in the mid 1960's, before Venera 4 and Mariner 5?

In several answers to the question When did planetary scientists realize Venus' surface pressure was almost 100x that on Earth? How did they find out? the known radius of Venus is mentioned. It was ...
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High pressure Helium tanks for the Vega balloon experiments

Is there any available (scientific) information on the properties of the high pressure Helium storage tanks, used for the Vega balloon experiments on Venus? Information on how big pressure gas they ...
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Archimedean braking for low density Venus lander + subsidiary question

Subsidiary question: Imagine a sphere 10cm in diameter in low venusian orbit. Slow it down a little in order to deorbit it. What's the density of the sphere, in order to touch the ground at 0 vertical ...
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Venera mission image data format

I often work with the programmatic manipulation of images and 3d environments in my work at an engineering firm. Out of pure curiosity I was wondering about the Venera mission data format. I read that ...
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Why did the Venera missions land so close together?

I was reading about the Venera missions to Venus, and saw this map on Wikipedia: Venera 7 is missing from the map for some reason, but it landed at 5° S, 351° E, so it would have been very close to ...
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What cooling improvements did the Venera missions make?

I've been reading about Russia's (former Soviet Union) Venera missions, and one thing about them that has impressed me is the incremental improvements the landers made in their lifespans before ...
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Has any technology been demonstrated that allows a useful payload to survive at least one month on Venus' surface?

According to the Wikipedia article on Venera-D, A lander, based on the Venera design, is also planned, capable of surviving for a long duration on the planet's surface. The surface of Venus has ...
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