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Alternative to GPS navigation for vertical landing, especially on other planets

Is the GPS data reliable or meaningful only on Earth or below the geo-stationary Earth orbit? For GPS navigation, does a rocket has to fly below the geo-stationary orbit? If GEO is a physical ...
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Can a spaceship land on an icy body using retropropulsion? wouldn't the ice melt?

Can a spaceship, say Musk's BFR, actually land on the ice surface of Titan, or Europa, or Enceladus? It seems to me that the hot exhaust gases would make the surface melt where the rocket is trying to ...
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What is the difference between a "Suicide burn" and a "Hoverslam"?

As far as I can tell, the terms Suicide burn and Hoverslam have both been invented rather recently (with SpaceX themselves coining Hoverslam and the Kerbal Space Program community loosely credited ...
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What guidance algorithm does Falcon 9 use during powered descent and landing?

The SpaceX Falcon 9 does a powered touchdown with a rocket thrust higher than mass, so is not able to establish a low altitude hover and final descent as used by the Apollo lander. Instead it needs to ...
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How is New Shepard the first suborbital booster to successfully perform a powered vertical soft landing?

I saw this on wikipedia On 23 November 2015, after reaching 100.5 km (62.4 mi) altitude (outer space), the suborbital New Shepard booster successfully performed a powered vertical soft landing, the ...
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