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How can I visualize orbits given Earth-centered, inertial (ECI) coordinates?

I'm using the SGP4 algorithm which outputs Earth-centered, inertial (ECI) satellite coordinates. I found some software to visualize orbits, but they all request input as Keplerian elements. How can ...
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Why does Gravity Simulator's rendering of TESS' orbit look like a pretzel? How can I unpretzefy it?

Below is a screen shot from the amazing Gravity Simulator driven by our own @HappyKoala. If you haven't seen it recently go check it out now, then come back in 30 minutes and read the rest of my ...
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Transformation of Covariance Matrix from EME2000 to LLA

I am a little bit confused regarding the transformation of a covariance between EME2000 and the LLA-representation of a state (lat,lon,alt). Let's say I have a timeseries of spacecraft states, ...
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