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Very large base interferometry - high-precision measurements of Earth, stellar bodies' and spacecraft parameters based on combining signals received by an array of spatially separated radio telescopes.

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With our current technology, how large could we make a useable space-based VLBI telescope?

I am trying to find an equation that models the current technical limits that we have on creating an effective space-based VLBI telescope. Variables that are likely relevant in the model: distance of ...
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How does a third DSN station serves as a “relay” to tie-together observations by two other stations doing VLBI?

Section 2.1 of the DESCANSO document 211 Wideband Very-Long Baseline Interferometry (from here, found here) says: The precision of a VLBI measurement improves with the length of the baseline. The ...
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VLB interferometry in deep space - does it make sense for communication?

This is something I was thinking about right now when this beta was opened ... perfect! In radio astronomy, there is an technique which is called very long baseline interferometry. The idea is to ...
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