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Questions about VTVL (Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing) capable rockets, use and means to achieve these capabilities.

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Books on Vertical-Landing Vertical-Takeoff (VTVL) of Rockets? or Rocket Design in General?

I am working on a rocket control system design and I am trying to understand the the fundamental principles and concepts to design an efficient controller for recovering and landing the rocket, ...
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Can VTVL rockets use dampers like high rise buildings to provide stability?

VTVL with long and thin body have a difficult time in obtaining stability during landing. Watch this failed SpaceX rocket landing for example: Why can't they use "...
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What would be the range safety for vertically landing over land rockets?

sideFrom the Wikipedia article on range safety: Rockets are usually launched into a space above the launch range called the launch corridor. If rocket engines fail while the rocket flies inside ...
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On which flights could SpaceX test Crew Dragon powered landing with complete flight profile?

For the booster stage of Falcon 9, test landings after a full flight profile are relatively frequent. SpaceX can try those on each CRS mission to the ISS, and in theory, any other launch that wouldn't ...
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Why not land booster stages in a cone or net?

Why must you land the boosters on a flat surface? Why not aim for a cone a deep net that can accommodate rough seas, winds, etc? A picture is below - obviously I am not an artist nor an engineer.
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How can Falcon 9 first stage land vertical in a strong wind?

As I see it, Falcon 9 has to land on the barge in a vertical orientation and with no horizontal drift. It has fins that are ineffective at low speed. It has a rocket motor that can probably vector ...
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