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Next Generation Launch System (NGLS) got named Vulcan by ULA.

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Technical feasibility of using Raptor engines for Vulcan rocket

According to a recent GAO report (p. 116), ULA's Vulcan rocket's BE-4 engines are "experiencing technical challenges" and there is some concern whether they will be ready / certified in time ...
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What do the banana values mean in this tweeted plot of heavy lift vehicle capabilities?

@FreddieR's answer to What are the longest current rocket payload fairings, capable of carrying long space station sections? contains the following graphic. It's attributed to Ken Kirtland and I found ...
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What is the difference between the Vulcan 562 configuration and the Vulcan 5H2 ("Heavy") configuration?

I was looking up some information about ULA's Vulcan rocket, and noticed something odd. There are two configurations, Vulcan 5H2 and 562 that have the same number of boosters, the same size of tanks, ...
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What are the actual economics for the ULA reusability plan?

From this article, I gather that ULA is trying to build reusability into their next generation of launch vehicles. Their plan is summed up nicely in the picture: In the article, they seem to do some ...
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How does ULA propose to get "350% more lift" out of the Vulcan design?

I listened to the annoucement of the Vulcan NGLS booster from ULA. The graphics released and show at show a line. "350% more lift" but I could not figure out where that is coming ...
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What is the point of ULA's IVF? (Integrated Vehicle Fluids)

ULA (United Launch Alliance) mentioned a new upper stage they are working on that will use IVF. Sounds like an internal combustion engine, running a generator, fueled on propellant and oxidizer that ...
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