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How does flying a steeper entry trajectory make the exclusion zone smaller?

This interesting answer Why did SpaceX change the landing site from the Pacific (ITF-1, ITF-2) to the Indian Ocean (ITF-3 and subsequent flights)? contains the following paragraph: However this type ...
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Why can't the Falcon 9 first stage touch the water? [duplicate]

SpaceX is spending considerable effort to catch the Falcon 9 first stage onto a giant drone ship. I am aware that salt water ruins almost everything in the long run, but the first stage is a composite ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Mystery balls! Gemini apparently had "thousands of hollow ping-pong-sized balls made of extremely thin aluminum embedded within its walls". What?

This fascinating answer says that "The Gemini capsule floated because it had thousands of hollow balls made of extremely thin aluminum, each composed of two half-spheres welded together, the size ...
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Have other space capsule splashdowns attracted a crowd of civilians on boats?

We saw on the SpaceX Demo 2 splashdown livestream that various clearly-non-mission-associated civilian boats appeared to approach the Crew Dragon within 100-300 ft. Has this happened on any previous ...
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Was Apollo 7 flooded with approx. 400 pounds of water after splashdown?

I found this in the APOLLO EXPERIENCE REPORT COMMAND MODULE UPRIGHTING SYSTEM on page 23: I tried to find other reports of that Apollo 7 leak, but I could find none. Does anybody know another source? ...
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How did the recovery of the first crewed Crew Dragon water recover differ from previous recoveries of Crew and Cargo flavors?

The NASA video Expedition 63 Inflight with New York Times, Fox News, and USA Today - July 7, 2020 includes an interview with Fox News reporter Bill Hemmer, who asks: I am most interested in your ...
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9 votes
1 answer

What is the speed of crew Dragon upon splashdown?

After reentry, what is the speed of the Dragon 2 capsule right before splashdown? What g-force is received upon splashdown? At the time of writing, this answer gives such information for many other ...
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