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Would the Dzhanibekov effect be a problem for Von Braun Wheels?

If we look at Von Braun's Space Station, we can see that the axis is not completely symetrical. It is longer from one side: Von Braun Space Station 1956 - YouTube that looks a lot like this T-shaped ...
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Proposed Christmas Island launch site, 1952 von Braun Luna Study

In a 1952 study, Wernher von Braun devised a "manned lunar lander" as illustrated below. The study looked at three lunar landers taking a crew of 50 to Sinus Roris (Bay of Dew) in 1977. ...
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How relevant was Wernher von Braun really? [closed]

Wernehr von Braun is named "Father of the moon landing" and deemed very important to the success of the space race back in the day. But was he really? What were his personal contributions? ...
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